2022 DWDW Royalty Assembly

Channing Hill, Howler Managing Editor

Mr. DWDW candidates (Channing Hill)

Throughout the last couple of months, Santa Fe’s Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW) Royalty have been collecting money for Positive Tomorrows, DWDW’s sponsor this year. They’ve raised around $40,000  in total by selling treats, sweatshirts and much more. The Royalty assembly was held to showcase these girls and applaud them for their charity effort, 

2022 Royalty Group (Channing Hill)

Along with recognizing Royalty, the Mr. DWDW candidates put on several entertaining performances; they sang songs, had a rap battle and even modeled swimsuits. The winner of the Mr. DWDW competition was Jasaya Coaston, who posed as Tyler, The Creator, sang “EARFQUAKE” and walked the runway in a dress. 

Jasaya Coaston, Mr. DWDW winner (Channing Hill)

The DWDW Royalty assembly was a great way for the Santa Fe student body to show their appreciation toward Santa Fe’s 2022 Royalty and all their hard work and dedication, as well as watch the Mr. DWDW candidates perform.