Super Wolves Graduation 2023

For seniors, graduation marks the end of an era. Santa Fe’s Super Wolves completed their high school journey today in a ceremony held in the Freshman cafeteria.

As the graduates waited patiently to take their symbolic walk and receive their diploma, families, teachers and friends filled the cafeteria to celebrate the accomplishments of these super seniors.

Assistant principal Dave Gibson welcomed the guests and graduates and spoke about the Super Wolves community.

“When they get to this graduation point they’ve put this work in and developed these relationships that are truly special and that’s the satisfaction for me,” Gibson said.

Carter Pfieffer, Maddox Lloyd and Andrew Salinas give speeches to their fellow graduates.

Following Mr. Gibson’s speech, three outstanding Super Wolves, Maddox Lloyd, Carter Pfieffer and Andrew Salinas, delivered a graduation speech to their class celebrating where they have been and where they are going.

Maddox Lloyd receives his diploma from Mr. Hayes.

Upon graduation, Maddox Lloyd will take the next step into the world by going to college in Utah to be a medic.

However, before this journey begins Maddox reflects on his time at Santa Fe.

Santa Fe means everything to me,” Lloyd said. “The people teachers, staff, nice friends help when things get hard and I push through them [with their help].”

After the diplomas were handed out, Super Wolves and their families gathered to honor the life of senior Riley Miskell with a (biodegradable) balloon release in the courtyard.

Students and families remember Riley. (Melinda Washington)

During her time at Santa Fe, Riley left an impression on everyone she met.

“She loved to be the center of attention, yelling out ‘Here I am!'” classroom assistant Erin Axton recalled. “She loved saying ‘Hi’ to all of the coaches and anyone in a uniform (police or military) got her undivided attention.”

The Super Wolves sell popcorn to the masses on Fridays, but every day they make Santa Fe a very special place to be.

“We call them Super Wolves because they are super people,” Gibson said. “We work hard to get them to a place where they can find some success and be happy and that is the beautiful part for me.”

Congratulations to the 2022-23 Super Wolves graduating class! We wish you good luck and happiness in your next chapter of life.


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