Random Randy one year later

Luke Roberson, Howler Staff Writer

Random Randy has been making people laugh for over one year.

Random Randy is a comic that Samuel Campbell and his brother Luke make each week for the Santa Fe Howler.  

The creation process is split into two parts. First, Luke Campbell writes the script for the next comic. After Luke has completed the script, Sam gets to drawing. After his initial sketch is complete, Sam lays a second piece of paper over it and gets to inking. For some editions of Random Randy, he even colors the paper using alcohol-based markers. 

The comics have undergone a few changes throughout the past year. The style of the characters has changed slightly, and there have been more colored issues than in the beginning.

“I changed them to Pac-man eyes because I figured that would make it look more like a comic.” Sam Campbell said.

Sam added he wants to continue making comics throughout the rest of his high school career.

“If I kept doing this every week or so, it’ll be like 120 issues which is insane.” Samuel Campbell said.

Random Randy can even act as a portfolio for Sam when he goes to college.

“I could use it as a resume builder,” Campbell said

Above all, Campbell says Random Randy isn’t supposed to comment on any world events or any societal ills. 

“It’s just supposed to be funny.” Samuel Campbell said.