The Fe Cafe is open


Braxton Knapp

The Santa Fe Cafe doing business.

Braxton Knapp, The Howler Staff Writer

The Fe Cafe has been reopened for the school year of 2022-2023; it provides a selection of drinks and food for students to enjoy in between classes. The Fe Cafe is located at the entrance of G hall. Kristen Harris, the culinary teacher, coordinates the Fe Cafe, but she says it’s “pretty much student run.”

The Cafe is an opportunity for culinary students to get “an authentic career experience,” Mrs. Harris said. Everything sold in the Fe Cafe – except for the drinks – is made by the culinary students.

The Cafe almost always has a new food item for sale in addition to what’s on the permanent menu. Even if the food items have sold out, there are always drinks available for students such as ice coffee, unsweet tea and sweet tea.

The Fe Cafe’s Permanent Menu

Ice Coffee                                 $3.50


   French Vanilla

   White Chocolate Mocha

  • Unsweet Tea                           $2.00
  • Sweet Tea                                $2.00
  • Lemonade                               $2.00
  • Spicy Pretzel                           $1.00
  • Cake Balls                                $1.00
  • Brownies                                  $1.00
  • Ice Cream                                $2.50

For more information or questions about the Fe Cafe, contact Kristen Harris at [email protected].