DWDW SF Got Talent

Amira Newsom, Howler Staff Writer

Double Wolf Dare Week’s Santa Fe Got Talent hosted by Student Council (STUCO) took place March 3 thursday. A show of a wide range of talents from a drum performance to solo dancers Judged by teachers: Ms. Gatewood, Ms. Frazier, Ms. Robinson.

The first act was a drum performance between drumline members. The two took turns showing off their skills.

While dressed up as Penny-Proud Kiana Stewart, a freshman, performed a solo piece to “Mrs. Right”. The crowd went wild for her performance as she grooved.

Amira Newsom

STUCO members performed as a lovely singing duo. As a comedy skit, they also had some arguments about who had possession of the microphone and named the states as fast as possible.

Amira Newsom

After everyone performed their talents, students were dismissed for the day or to their 7th hour.