Santa Fe Stomp tradition

Nia Griffin, Howler Staff Writer

What is Stomp? Ms. Jackson, Santa Fe’s Stomp team coach, describes it as creating harmonious beats with one’s body to tell a story. 

Stomp originated from traditional dances across the African Diaspora. It is more than stomping your feet on the ground. Stomp is used to celebrate, honor, mourn and entertain members of those specific communities. The tradition of Stomp at Santa Fe has been entertaining students for years. 

“Our style of stomp is about shaking the room!” Jackson said.

While dance is incorporated into Stomp, it is much more than moving to the beat or sound. Stomp is creating the beat using your body. If ever interested in Stomp in the future, it requires a few skills and techniques such as rhythm, an eye for detail, an ear for beats and your own unique style.

This is not only just a form of dance this gives people an opportunity to show a confident side in themselves and embrace their own styles and attitude. 

“It gives Santa Fe students an opportunity to participate in a club that is integrated into the school’s culture,” Jackson said. 

Our current Stomp team’s planned performances are during Double Wolf Dare Week, and they will also be competing in a High School Step Show competition hosted by the University of Oklahoma’s Black Student Association. 

In preparation for these performances, Stomp can be found courtside at our basketball games this year shaking the room and pumping up the crowd.