Haunted wolf trail is back


Amira Newsom, Howler Staff Writer

After two years the Santa Fe Haunted Wolf Trail is back, and better than ever. 

Hosted by student Council (STUCO), students go through a spooky trail in the woods to be scared by zombies, ghouls, and more. These actors are drama students and members of STUCO who have volunteered to play these frightening roles. 

 “My character was an insane asylum patient who tried to get people to either help her or play with her,” Lynae Corwin drama student said, ”the school also made over $1,000 just from that night.”

Tickets for the trail went on sale October 19th for $5 each, and $10 at the gate. 

“The ticket sales were especially high this year,” Said Sharrin Jones freshman student council member , “ Overall, I think it was a spooky and fun experience everyone enjoyed.”

All proceeds from this event will go to “Positive Tomorrows” the 2021 Double Wolf Dare Week recipient.