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Welcome Mr. Hoskins

Amira Newsom, Howler Staff Writer

Welcoming a new group of teachers this year we have Jacob Hoskins, a freshman biology teacher.

Mr. Hoskins grew up in Illinois and went to Olivet Nazarene University to study biology. He previously taught at a small private high school in Illinois for seven years, teaching grades nine through 12 in subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics among other things like the academics team. After some talking with his wife, they decided to move to Edmond to be closer to her family and their three cats, Freya, Aloy, and Aviva. 

In the classroom, Mr. Hoskins prefers the paper-pencil teaching method, but he also finds Chromebooks very useful. He wants to help make learning accessible for his students.

“I don’t give homework that I don’t believe will actually help you,” Hoskins said. 

On a normal day in class, Mr. Hoskins comes off as an easy-going and kind teacher, but he has strict no phone policy because he sees them as more of a distraction than a help.

“I walk in and say hello to everyone,” Hoskins said, “We will get started with whatever we’re going to do that day. I’ll take attendance and converse with some students for a few minutes then jump into what is planned while trying to keep them on task.” 

Mr. Hoskins has always been fond of working with students and enjoys connecting his assignments through real-life experiences.

“Every student can succeed, it’s just a matter of connecting the information and mapping it out in their own mind. Everyone learns at different paces and some are going to have to work harder than others,” Hoskins said.