Brian Smith: Mr. AISP

Nia Griffin, Howler Staff Writer

In trouble? You may get the opportunity to meet Santa Fe’s new AISP teacher, Brian Smith.

Just a recap of what AISP is: when a student has broken a school rule or disobeyed the policy in any way they will usually be assigned two to five days of AISP depending on what they did or what rule they broke. Mr. Smith makes sure they do their work and are not falling behind or missing any assignments in school.

Mr. Smith, previously owned an oil and gas company for 16 consecutive years and was a juvenile probation officer. He loves working with kids and keeping them on the right path in school or overall life. Because of this passion for working with kids, Smith saw Santa Fe as a place to be a part of helping the future generations. Mr. Smith seems to enjoy the school and loves the overall environment.

“The teachers are all very welcoming,” Brian Smith said.

Outside of being a teacher and living a normal life as a husband and father  Smith has a lovely wife and two adoring children: a daughter and a son. Every Wednesday, Smith and his son bond over fishing at the lake. When he isn’t managing unruly behavior or fishing, he definitely keeps himself busy.   

“The crazy life of having three dogs, eight barn cats, seven turtles, 13 fish, and 22 chickens he has a very busy life in and outside of school,”

Edmond district is a popular district and draws in plenty of staff members who want to become part of the Wolfpack. 

 “I wanted to get back to doing what I love, which is working with kids,” said Brain Smith.

Although dealing with one of the less flashy parts of Santa Fe, Smith has expressed his joy for being a part of Santa Fe!